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The preschool on a walk through the neighborhood.Roof worker.Two guardians direct traffic when trucks drive in or out of construction site.Kyoto, Japan - September 19, 2016: Not a doll, but a living Geisha, actually a trainee, a Maiko.Two young ladies dressed up in kimono.Kimono wearing visitors to the Heinan shrine.Bride and groom posing for pictures.Chef in front of his small restaurant in Gion Neighborhood.Woman walking in the street.Street view of people.Man on bike collects recyclable containers such as cans and bottles.Man takes a nap in the park.Older woman with her stroller.The little girl is surprised by the photographer.A short pause.The young boy spots the photographer.Serious looking woman.Chinese tourist drinking boxed juice.Young women enjoying ice-cream.Young woman enjoying icecream.

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