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The top of the fort houses the ruins of a temple.The ramparts of the fort on the giant boulder.Stairs hewed in the boulder to climb up to the fort.The path up the boulder to the fortification.Ramparts of the fort.Entrance to the fortification.Mural on top of the doorway into the fortification.The huge plain inside the fortification.Bunkers and shelters inside the fortification.Air shafts of the bunkers, storerooms and prison.Entrance to the bunkers.Natural pond holding drinking water for the occupants of the fortification.Several buildings are mostly not more than a ruin.More ruins sprinkled over the sloped plain inside the fortification.One of the ruins.Rampart as part of an inner barrier above an artificial lake.A lonely tree takes advantage of the yearlong water supply.Four teenagers took shelter in a cave on the side of the artificial pond.Green vegetation survives on the path of rainwater.Natural lake and ruin.

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