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Looking standing on the temple grounds to the disappeared entrance Gopuram.Giant Nandi statue outside the temple.Detail of Giant Nandi statue outside the temple.The Gopuram of the temple entrance. Seen standing near temple looking out.Apex of the Gopuram.Side of apex of Gopuram.Detail of Gopuram.Detail of Gopuram.Flagpole in front of Mandupam.Side of Mandupam.Mandupam.Mandupam and wheeled entrance to it.The entire temple building.Protruding side of the Mandupam.Protruding part of the Mandupam with staircase.Detail of stairs leading into the protruding part of the Mandupam.Circumnavigating wall is also a gallery.The galleries along the outside wall.The gallery along the outside wall.Corner of the gallery along the outside wall.

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