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Morning glory over the Betwa River.Pink skies and Pink water in and above the Betwa River before sun is up.Rocks in the water of the Betwa river just before the sun is up.The sun is cracking the sky open early morning over Betwa River.One holy man on the edge of a rock in the Betwa River early morning.Welcome to India.Sun rises from the jungle over the river.One moment colors everything orange.Local preparing his morning ritual in the Betwa River early morning.The Betwa River along cenotaphs as seen from the Palace.Gate to the palace along the Betwa River.River shore.Taking a bath along the river.Local Saint finding a leave on the bank of the river.Ice cold water make strong men.Orchha bridge with the Palaces in the background.Couple bringing firewood from the jungle to the town.Public transport bus on bridge with Palace in background.Public bus rides over Orchha bridge.Public taxis also known as took-tooks traverse Orchha bridge.

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