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Entrance gate to the Pagoda complex as seen from inside the sanitary.Golden flowers for sale at the entrance.One of the temples at the pagoda.Rows and rows of statues of Buddhist Philosophers or Arhats.More Buddhist Philosophers.Head of Buddhist Philosopher.Somebody left a Dong note in the hands of Buddhist Philosopher.Happy Buddhist Philosopher.Pilgrims rub their greasy hands on the Buddhist Philosopher.Three Buddhist Philosophers.The police-man Buddhist Philosopher.Potentially one of the Four Heavenly Kings.Shrines for rent to guarantee a happy afterlife.Looking out from the pagoda towards the entrance.Bell tower at the pagoda.Several attractions at the pagoda.Bas relief at bottom of giant bell at pagoda.Bas relief of giant money collection vessel at pagoda.Throw in your money to buy good luck.Giant multi-ton bell at pagoda.

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