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The temple behind the sacred pond and in front of the hill.The front of the temple.Temple entrance, sacred pond and hill.The sacred pond is covered with water lilies.Man takes ritual face bath before entering the temple.The sacred pond is covered with water lilies.Steps leading into sacred pond.Water lily.The entrance to the temple grounds.Two fierce Ayyanar flank the entrance. Devi Lakshmi on top. Vimanam of sanctuary seen on left over the wall.One of the Ayyanar statues at the entrance.Close up of fat Ayyanar statue at entrance.View through entrance with Devi Lakshmi on top.Small mandapam in front of small shrine.Blackened statue of Ayyanar at shrine.Offering table with elephant statues.Ayyanar figure and horses on temple platform.Colorful horses on temple platform.Female figure on horse.Close up of female rider with horse head upfront.

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