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Line of taxis waiting near railway station.Street scene in Agra, India.Typical back street in Agra, India.Milk delivery on the streets of Agra, India.Bed in truck as seen in Agra, India.Delivery by horse-cast or by bike in the streets of Agra, India.The proverbial holy cow on the streets of Agra, India.Kids on the back of motorbikes.Tricycles transporting shoeboxes.Tricycle bike loaded high with pieces of foam and carpets in the streets of Agra, India.Eight air conditioning units on one bike in the streets of Agra, India.Street scene.Living chickens in cages on a tricycle.Recycling carton.Oxes pulling a heavy load.Milk merchants on their bike.Delivery truck.Bringing the goods home.Factory transport of shoes.

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