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The holy mountain towers over Thiruvannamalai.Panaorama view of Thiruvannamalai.The temple grounds in Thiruvannamalai and part of town.The temple grounds in Thiruvannamalai.Part of Thiruvannamalai.Detail of the town.Detail of town.The southern part of town.Painting on slabs promoting the Saintly master of the ashram.The story of the hill in the most recent century.The top of the hill.Rocks on the hill.The quintessential Hindu symbol.Graffiti by youngsters declaring their lover for each other.Graffiti by youngsters declaring their lover for each other.Painting of a dripping Shivalingam on a rock.Painting of a Shivalingam on a rock.Giant grasshopper.Giant grasshopper.Monkeys along the way to the top. Beggars by excellence.

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