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Eastern gate, called Nitenmon Gate, to the temple grounds.Torii of the adjacent Asakasu Shinto Shrine.Kaminarimon gate at the street here the Nakamise Arcade shopping streets starts.Part of the long Nakamise shopping street.Looking from the Nakamise shopping street to the Hozomon gate.Hozomon southern gate seen from the Southeast.Frontal view of the lower section of the Hozomon Gate.Giant paper lantern in the Hozomon Gate.Looking from the West to the East along the side of the Hozomon Gate.Giant sled-like, woven frame on both sides of the Hozomon Gate entrances.Samurai warrior statue at the Chomizuya, the water fountain where the faithful purify their hands and their spirits before entering the temple.Closeup of the Samurai warrior's head.Bronze dragon are the faucets of the water fountain.Closeup of a dragon water faucet of the purification fountain, the Chomizuya.Roof with decorations of the main Buddhist hall, the Honzo, where the idols are.Decoration at the top of the roof of the Honzo, the main hall.Giant paper lantern inside the Honzo, just above the offer box.Image of floating woman painted at Senso-ji Buddhist Temple.Part of painting on the ceiling of the Honzo.Decoration at the outside of the Honzo.

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