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Group of Cenotaphs in the morning fog under early sunrise.Group of cenotaph in the afternoon.A few of the cenotaph as seen from the other side of the river.Looking at the Cenotaphs from the bridge at early morning.Early  morning fog over the river and cenotaph.Cenotaph seen from top of other cenotaph.One cenotaph in all its glory.Another cenotaph.Big cenotaph.Two cenotaphs.Cenotaphs in a row.Looking from inside one to another cenotaph.Chaturbhuj temple.View from the outside of town.Temple in the background of slums.Tower of the Chaturbhuj temple.Market in front of the temple.Looking through a window upon Chaturbhuj temple.View along the upper level of the temple.Tower of the temple.

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