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Gopuram of the temple.Woman resting in the mandapam of the temple.View in mandapam.Closed entrance to the inner sanctum.Dwarapalaka at entrance to inner sanctum.Dwarapalaka at entrance to inner sanctum.View in mandapam.Statuettes of idols in Mandapam.Empty chariot to be carried in processions.The Garuda, mount of Lord Vishnu.Detail of column capital in Mandapam.Narasimha, Vishnu avatar, carved in pillar.Lord Rama in Mandapam.Examples of the many carved pillars in Mandapam.Lord Rama AKA Lord Vishnu.Lord Rama aka Lord Vishnu.Lord Rama is showered.Example of pillar carvings.Lord Hanuman.Seetha Devi, the consort of Lord Rama.

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