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The main steps of the Ghat from across the river.Close up of the central steps of the ghat.Fun at the ghat in Bithoor.Descending in the water at the ghat in Bithoor.Boys holding strings attached to sloops.Scenery along the river and the Ghat.Scenery along the shore of the river.Reflection of bridge and electrical tower in the river.Anchored sloop in the river.Young man rowing towards bridge under construction.Family scene on opposite shore of River.Boatsman waiting for customers.Having fun in holy water is a religious duty.Let the holy water engulf us.It's a lot of fun.Friendly folks every where in India.Playing with sisters on the steps of the ghat.Young and old take part in the bathing.Bringing some cloths to wash at the same time.Mothers and children.

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