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Motorcycles in the streets of Hanoi.Traffic police officer at intersection in Hanoi.Mixed traffic in Hanoi.Traffic in Hanoi.Communist posters on Party building.Street shops.Large intersection near Old Quarter.Mix of transport media.Street view in Hanoi.Burning false money to appease the spirits.Bike repair stand in Hanoi.Selling drinking water in the streets of Hanoi.Set up and prepping the couple for the photo shoot.Drying laundry at house in the street.Electrical wiring in Hanoi.Street vendors on the sidewalk in Hanoi.Selling bread in the street.Close up of Jackfruit.Repairing plastic bags.Loading delivery vans.

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Leif Ourston(non-registered)
Johnny and Claudine

It was good to see you today. Kathy and I are just beginning to read your book on Hanoi. We clicked on a link to your pictures. My phone is playing this into our 55-inch screen. I am typing into my phone by use of my Bluetooth keyboard. I will give you more comments after we get into this.

Leif and Kathy
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