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The black goat has the honor to be the next animal offered to the idol.Showing off the young goat.Five buckets of turmeric water are prepared.She's the turmeric water expert.And she cheers on.A lei of flowers has been hung around the delicate neck of the goat.The owner, pater families, keeps the goat in check.The first bucket of turmeric water is poured over the animal.The second bucket is poured over the animal.Waiting for the shake.A stoic goat refuses to shake.All right. Let's give it another bucket.And a fourth bucket!No shaking, still.Okay, says the woman. Let me do it. You men!The goat will shake now! You'll see.I told you so!Its time has come! The goat is swung to the ground.The butcher with striped shirt gives instructions how to hold the animal to the ground.Here comes the knife.

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