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Dead trees, cactus and desert scrub against red rock cliff.Wide view over desert and red rock cliffs.Red rock tower in the desert.Vortex in between the two rocky towers.Red rock towers in the blue sky.Raw rock towers against blue skies.Wide view over towering red rock rising out of the desert against blue skies.Desert interrupted by high rocky red cliffs.Wide view with desert details against red cliffs and blue skies.Desert scenery with red rocks in background against blue skies.Massive red rock tower in the Arizona desert.Tree opposes massive red rock against blue skies.Dead tree opposed massive red rock formation in the desert.Corner of red cliff descends stepwise into the desert.Rock formations in the Arizona desert.Wide View from Boynton Trail in Sedona.Cliffs circle the plain of Boynton trail.Red & yellow rock cliffs around Boynton trail.Wild red rock towers border Boynton trail.Desert scrub advances on the red rock cliffs.

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