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Young man transport old man on red scooter, Guilin, China.Man pulls cart full of bags, Guilin, China.Clothing store built on a bike tricycle, Guilin, China.Old tricycle bike with compartment full of papayas, Guilin, ChinMan pulls overloaded old rusty tricycle downtown, Guilin, China.Parking lot full of motorbikes, Guilin, China.Blue tractor with exposed motor at construction site, Guilin, ChMan powers taxi raft on Li River downtown, Guilin, China.Fisherman on flimsy bamboo raft on Li river downtown Guilin, ChiBamboo raft taxi at shore of Li River downtown, Guilin, China.Migrant worker housing on rafts on Li River downtown, Guilin, ChMigrant workers eating in their tents on rafts on Li River downtMigrant worker houses built on rafts on Li River downtown, Guili4 rows of metal and bamboo rafts on Li River, downtown, Guilin,Man fills bucket with water on his house raft on Li River, downtLaundry on side of rafts and house boats on Li River, downtown,Police car in front of entrance to 7 Star Park, Guilin, China.

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