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Tapioca starch.Rice.Porridge.Finished liquid to make the pancakes.Boiling is fueled with rice chaff and twigs.Baking the pancakes under the domes above the fire.Pouring and spreading a new layer on the heating plate.New pancake in the making - spreading the dough.Fresh steaming hot pancake is rolled off the heating plate.Steaming hot pancake is spread on stretcher.Pancakes on stretcher.Drying and cooling happens outside.Cutting the pancakes into noodles.Sliding a new pancake into the shredder.Shredding pancakes into noodles.Fresh cut noodles.Pigfarm as extension on the noodle factory.Mother and children, sow and piglets.Aren't you binging any noodles for me?Freshly born piglets.

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