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BRUGES: Baby with tabletSTOCKHOLM: Head of lion against the sky.INDIA NEW DELHI; Heads of Lord Krishna at the Hare Krishna temple.BRUGES: Lady of JusticeCHINA Xi'an: on our way.BUENOS AIRES: Two angels.STOCKHOLM: Statue of begging bear near the Opera along the waterfront.BUENOS AIRES: Window with puppet lady.COPENHAGEN: Along the waterfront the statue of David.INDIA Khajuraho: Masturbating servants helping couple in love act.COPENHAGEN: Brewer knew what he wanted: beer and naked women.COPENHAGEN: Butler?VIETNAM Phat Diem Cathedral: St. Peter - Petrus with the keys to heaven in his hands.COPENHAGEN: Full frontal nudity.COPENHAGEN: Neptunus statue at the gate on water's edge..VIETNAM Chua Bai Dinh Pagoda: Buddhist philosopher.COPENHAGEN: Princess Marie statue.STOCKHOLM: Statue of the Norse Goddess Freya on the bridge to Djurgarden.VIETNAM Chua Bai Dinh Pagoda: one of several golden Buddha statues.COPENHAGEN: Statue of Hans Christian Andersen on the side of City Hall.

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